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Enter The Parallel World of ORIGIN's Utopia
2023-11-25 13:00:00

 I learned about the ORIGIN project through the Creed of Freedom. In the face of this closed and corrupt society, the cry of the Creed of Freedom is like a ray of light illuminating reality. The ORIGIN Creed of Freedom represents the beliefs and principles of individual or group pursuit of freedom, respect for individual rights, and autonomy. It emphasizes that individuals should enjoy fundamental rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of thought, and freedom of movement and advocates the protection and realization of these rights through legal and social mechanisms.
The ORIGIN Creed of Freedom advocates democracy, equality, human rights, and the rule of law, emphasizing individual autonomy and free choice. It opposes arbitrary authoritarianism, oppression, and injustice and promotes societal diversity, inclusion, and justice. The liberal creed encouraged people to participate in the new parallel socio-economic order to promote social change and improvement.

Let us re-experience the advocacy and cry of ORIGIN’s Creed of Freedom!
Ⅰ. We are committed to creating a new parallel socio-economic order to emphasize absolute freedom, continue to purify the defects of traditional world consciousness and financial system, and help every believer enter a utopian parallel world of trust, openness, peace and self
Ⅱ. Our beliefs will be inscribed in the distributed encryption civilization, our creed will exist on the blockchain smart contract, and our believers will be spread in every corner of the earth;
Ⅲ. We will strictly fulfill our commitments, respect the human rights of every believer, defend the human rights and wealth rights of every believer, respect the development of social order, and build a new credit system to move toward a digital contract civilization in the free world;
Ⅳ. Our beliefs are freedom, justice, equality, fearlessness, kindness, trust, and eternity;
Ⅴ. We do not advocate violence, killing, drugs, pornography, anti-government, or theft;
Ⅵ. We will generate three identities based on election contributions and application evaluation: master, messenger, and believer to determine the rights and obligations in the original digital contract world ;
Ⅶ. We will use blockchain-encrypted smart contracts and a complete privacy computing system to protect every believer's rights and interests of freedom of data rights, value exchange, trust establishment, and wealth distribution.

    Based on this lofty ideal, it dares to break traditions, oppose injustice, advocate freedom, and create new systems and orders. ORIGIN progresses step by step in this old world. It breaks the rules and opens the door to the new world.
Under the concept of an anonymous liberal worldview, believers went through a lot of development and experiments, and ORIGIN 1.0 was born, outlining an innovative digital utopia parallel world based on the principle of anonymity. In this virtual world, individuals can explore new parallel worlds anonymously, share experiences, knowledge, and wealth, and expand their possibilities without restraint.
"Innovating Finance" is the central theme of Aladdin, and its core lies in introducing an unprecedented algorithmic non-stable currency issuance protocol. This protocol uses advanced algorithmic technology and no longer relies on traditional monetary policy and central bank intervention to achieve currency stability and predictability. This innovation had far-reaching consequences for the banking industry, as it reshaped the typical model of currency issuance and reduced reliance on central banks. Based on the above-mentioned advanced blockchain technology, everyone can issue their currency, thereby liberating wealth and promoting financial freedom. The goal is to establish a decentralized economic order free from the control of traditional governments and financial institutions.

ORIGIN's core contribution is to lead innovation in algorithmic non-stable coins, subverting the traditional way of bank issuance of currency, strengthening privacy protection, and promoting decentralization and inclusivity in the financial field. This project combines financial institutions with digital currency technology and innovation, opening up new prospects in the financial sector. Create an accessible, democratic, inclusive, and independent parallel world of ORIGIN's utopia with a new set of innovative financial systems.